A picture says a thousand words

A picture says a thousand words,
the claim would I like to join.

Photos are more than just aesthetics. Pictures tell a story and convey identity, values ​​and culture.

For companies, this means that a credible universe where words and pictures go up to a higher level, can be instrumental in creating value.

At a time which is largely dominated by a visual culture, the demands on your photos and the visual universe created for your business, bigger than ever before.

It is a demanding task that not all photographers like to promise.

It requires just the right photographer.
One who listens to your needs and your unique story.
One who is able to translate your identity, values and culture to images.
One can be sure that what you tell about your business, consistent with what your picture tells about the company.
One who masters his craft.

Max Rosborg portfolio includes clients such as OK, Aarhus Theater, Transition, Vogue, Hotel Royal and Hummel.

Business Portraits, visual storytelling – and targeted communication are specialties – see more at: Say Cheese

In a world where stock photos take up much space in the visual landscape, it might be interesting for YOUR business to consider what a dedicated imagery can accomplish?
The results are measurable – we offer monitoring of user behavior on your site, if desired.

I would therefore call for an informal chat with Max Rosborg, about what value the right images can create for YOUR business. In the same breath, I would ask you to consider what words your pictures say about your business. Are these the same words that you use when you talk about the company?

Contact me at jow@startupkonsulenten.dk

Yours sincerely

Jonas Wojcik www.startupkonsulenten.dk

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